Monday, December 17, 2012

Chickens are here!

The new birds are have arrived.  We picked out 3 birds from a straight run of 1 month olds from Free Rangers of Citra, Florida at the Barberville Farm Swap.  Two of the birds are barred Rocks, and one is "maybe an Araucana" according to the vendor.  Meet May, Teri and Blair.

Miss Moira self-portrait with May

Tessa Bessa and May

Tessa had a great idea to set them up on this Mulberry tree for Moira's photo shoot. 

May fell asleep on Moira's arm.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like I chose Blair unwisely.... looking very Roosteresque.
I still have a lot to learn!  Blair's comb is looking pinker and larger than May's comb.  It turns out that barred rocks are a popular breed also because they are easy to sex by color.  The females are said to have darker feet and their coloring is different at different stages.  The kind folks at Back Yard Chickens agreed... that's a Rooster.  I think that this web site has the best info for sexing barred rocks.  Moira has been very upset about the prospect of Blair becoming someone's dinner, so I was really happy to tell her that a nice lady from the country in New Smyrna Beach is building a new coop and would be delighted to take give him a good home.

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