Monday, September 20, 2010

Sea Salt Soaps Make a Great Gift For Teens

The other day my friend and her son came over for a minute to say hi. Her teen aged son popped his head in to see if Tessa was around. Without much though I said "You look great!" I didn't quite know what it was, but my friend said about her son "It's the soap." Well my memory is not so perfect since I had Tessa, but it did come back to me that I had given her one of these salt soaps to give to him. And wow it was his skin that had cleared up, which was what I had noticed when he came in. She posted this on my facebook profile page:

"An amazing product!! Very gentle however incredibly effective. For several years my son had acne that was incredibly painful, within 3 wks of every other day use his skin is clear and the pore size is far reduced. Never be without it again :)."

You can always find my sea salt soaps at my facial soaps section on etsy. All my salt soaps are nearly 50% sea salt and are specially heat processed. The end product is a unique exceptionally hard, but gentle soap.

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