Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Body Powder Recipe for Hot and Humid Weather

Hot summer weather is here again in Central Florida. With a new baby on the way now a safe and effective body powder is essential for preventing heat rash. True heat rash, also known as Milaria, is the result of overgrowth of the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis. Young babies and children are especially susceptible to heat rash because of their under developed sweat glands. The neck and skin folds are common areas for heat rash which can appear as small red dots. This form of the rash is known as Milaria rubra, which is the most common. Another type of rash that is common in hot humid weather conditions is Candida, which is a fungal over growth. This rash can also manifest around the neck and between skin folds, groin, etc.

For heat true heat rash avoiding hot temperatures and humidity is essential, in children a short hair cut can be helpful. Cool baths and air conditioned environments can help clear up the rash. For persons with Candida, dietary changes and weight loss can be important factors for clearing the rash. In either case it is very important to keep the skin dry because bacteria and fungus proliferate well in damp environments.

The following is a body powder recipe that I created for use in persons with either type of rash in conjunction with such lifestyle changes. This recipe is contains no essential oils and is safe for use with babies and young children.

3/4 cup Arrowroot powder
1/4 cup Baking soda
1/4 cup Licorice root powder
1/4 cup Myrrh powder
1/8 cup French green clay
1/8 cup Bentonite clay

About these ingredients:
Arrowroot provides a gentle non-irritating base for this formula. Baking soda is deodorizing. Licorice root is specific against both Staph and Candida. Licorice root is one common herb used in Chinese medicine powders for heat rash, for example it is found among recipes compiled for Milaria by Liang Jian-Hui in A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Dermatology. Myrrh is known for it's anti-fungal properties. The French green and Bentonite clays help absorb moisture from the body to keep the skin dry.

Measure out and mix all ingredients together in a clean mixing bowl. Add your mixed body powder to a clean powder dispenser of your choice. You could put it in a wide-mounthed glass jar and apply the powder with a large soft make up brush, add the powder to a fancy pepper shaker, add the powder to a recycled spice jar with shaker holes, or purchase a specialized powder shaker container to use with this recipe.

Directions for use:
To use dust this powder lightly over the body after a shower, before going outside into the heat, or as needed throughout the day.

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