Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Home Away from Home Summer Garden Pictures

My mom has a lovely flower and Herb Garden in Washington State. I love buying plants for her while I'm there or taking cuttings for her to grow of herbs that I can't maintain in the Florida heat. Today she sent me some great pictures of her garden and some of the plants I gave her while I was there in May. The first picture is a view of the garden from the back porch. My aunt made the great window frame for her from salvaged materials and it was installed while I was there this Spring.

The Calendula and Nasturtiums that I picked up while I was there are looking fabulous. My mom is saving the Calendula blossoms for me. I use Calendula petals my Skin Soothing Balm. Calendula has been impossible for me to grow in Florida heat, but I may give it one more try here this fall as a winter crop. The nasturtiums would are a great colorful addition to salads.

Have you ever seen Hens and Chicks (Sedum) in Bloom? I think these are the same plants I gave my mom about 9 years ago. Wow! So long.

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