Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun Weekend: Watermelon Day at the Farmer's Market and Raw Potluck

Yesterday was super fun and and busy. The Fair Share Garden volunteers met at the Daytona City Island farmer's market for Watermelon Day instead of the garden. GoGreenDaytona was kind enough to share their tent with us. We passed out free watermelon, painted faces, promoted the garden, sold fair trade crafts and soaps and balms.

Here is my little sweet pea Moira with her face painted by artist and Fair Share Gardener Lucy Csihas. Moira was getting ready to win the 2nd kid's watermelon relay contest, and her picture is in the Daytona Beach New's Journal today. She and her team mates won a free smoothie for thier effort from the Avocado Kitchen in downtown Daytona. Not to be outdone, I was first in line for the women's watermelon relay. I'm not too proud to race for smoothies. I'm often downtown on the same block near to Avocado Kitchen at Mandala Bookstore. I made certain that all the ladies on my team ran barefoot instead of in flip flops. Our team won, and Moira was terribly excited for me. She has quite a competitive streak.

I had a fun time passing out samples of my new Fair trade coffee soap. I finally met Naomi who runs the City farmer's market and she asked me if I would like to set up there. I have been wanting to set up there for a long time, so hopefully I can become a regular at the market starting around September or October when the heat and humidity reach a more reasonable level for my soaps. Most of my products I kept in a dry ice chest for the morning.

Ms. Ocie and her family are my favorite vendors at the farmer's market. The make jams and other preserves, and I get all my honey from them for making elixirs and syrups. I have been buying from them for six years, and they gave me Onsies for Moira when she was born. They represent the best of our local family businesses.

Saturday night we also went to the Daytona Raw Food Potluck. This is fun group, and John's hosted in a primo location. Check out the view from the clubhouse. I am managed to catch a little bit of the lightening storm on my camera before I ran out of memory.

This was my second time to the Carribean Clubhouse. We sampled Jack fruit and an amazing raw chocolate made with Coconut oil, Carob, Cacoa, Coconut, Agave and Stevia. I made a holy basil pudding with Avacado, Banana, Chocolate mint, Moringa, and Stevia. Erin Elizabeth was kind enough to introduce me and my products to her friends at the party, so I'm happy to return the favor. Check out her amazing raw food retreat in St. Augustine.

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