Saturday, July 25, 2009

Creation of the Fair Share Garden's Rainbow Sundial

Today I had so much fun at the garden. I helped Fair Share Garden volunteer Jason Aufdenberg paint a second layer of Acrylics onto his Rainbow Sundial. Jason, pictured below, is a professor of Astronomy at Daytona's Embry Riddle University. We are so lucky to have him. He also gave us a free Garden Sundial workshop back in the Spring.

Here are Jason and Joel Tippes laying down the hour line guides for the sundial. This sundial is set to day light savings time. The hour lines we put down in rainbow colors. Next we will add month markers in black.

I put a double coat on 9 o'clock through 2 o'clock. I felt like I was having too much fun for a grown-up painting a functional rainbow in the middle of a beautiful garden. This is a morning and early afternoon sundial.

Here is a little video I took of us finishing up the painting. We are going to let it dry out for 72 hours and then add a sealer over the hour lines. Of course the herbalist in me couldn't help doing a quick pan over to the herb spiral before the memory ran out on my little camera. It is fun to have discovered the video function on my little HP camera.

Next up I will be posting with pictures of summer vegetables from the Fair Share Garden. We've been harvesting yard long beans and black eyed peas most recently.

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