Monday, October 29, 2012

Ponce Inlet Nature Preserve Photos

Earlier this month I set up at the Ponce Inlet Garden and Craft Show.  The best part of the event was Thursday afternoon when Moira and I stopped at the Ponce Inlet Nature Preserve and took a walk through the woods and dune to the ocean.  

But first, Moira and I set up products the afternoon before the show.  Unfortunately there were very few shoppers at the event, but I am hoping to do one or two more Holly Hill or Daytona area shows before the end of the year.  After set up we headed straight for the Nature Preserve.

I love the natural tunnel formed under the canopy.

Walking through the dunes.

Moira age 8 1/2.

Goldenrod in bloom along the path to the beach.

Just minutes before jumping in the water fully clothed.

We had the beach all to ourselves.

The wind left a long stretch of beautifully patterned sand.
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