Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daytona Beach Seed Freedom Swap Tuesday October 9th

Daytona Beach Seed Freedom Swap
Tuesday October 9th 11 AM- 12 PM
Sunrise Park, LPGA & Riverside Drive in Daytona Beach

Please join me in the Global Alliance Fortnight of Action for seed freedom.  Here in Daytona Beach in support of this initiative we are hosting a Seed Freedom Swap on Tuesday October 9th from 11 AM until 12 PM at Sunrise Park (LPGA and Riverside Drive).  This is a free event.  The public is welcomed to bring open-pollinated seeds to share and trade.  New gardeners and those without seeds to trade are encouraged to come.  Our sponsors have generously donated seeds to share for this event.  My co-hostesses from FLGardeningSFGGardens and I will also be available to answer gardening questions.  

Why a Seed Freedom Swap?  What is Seed Freedom?   An answer from

"Seed is owned by farmers who sowed, bread, saved and exchanged it for thousands of years. Sadly, the arrival of commercial seed industries changed the whole picture. Theses Multinational Corporation had successfully taken away the ownership of seeds from the hands of the farmers in the form of patents. At present, seeds are largely controlled by industrial giants like Monsanto, Du Pont, Syngenta and Bayer.

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor to make and sell the patented product. Patent prevent farmers from saving or exchanging seed, therefore, undermining the farmers’ rights or seed sovereignty. Patent creates monopolies, which undermine the choice of farmers as well as all citizens as eaters.

A seed is not an invention. That is why patents on seeds are illegitimate. Even in a genetically engineered crop, the original seed come from farmers. Patents on seed are therefore based on biopiracy."

Join the Global Fortnight of Actions

Please join me in thanking our sponsors who have donated seeds for our Daytona Beach Seed Freedom event.  

Green Winters of Ormond Beach, Florida
Bonner Center Community Garden, Daytona Beach, Florida
Access to Organics, Beach Street Location in Daytona opening this month!
Moonlight Micro-Farm of Panama City Beach, Florida
The Garden Hoard of Livonia, Michigan
Big Value Garden Center of Daytona Beach, Florida

Green Winters Bonner Community Garden

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