Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Herb Companion Guest Post: 3 Annual Herbs for Stress Relief

I recently wrote an article for The Herb Companion's blog entitled "3 Annual Herbs for Stress Relief." I'm honored they filed it under "Sage Advice." The article details how to grow and use Holy Basil, Motherwort, and Skullcap for reducing tension and stress. I hope you enjoy it. Kristie from Spirit Horse herbals pointed out that Skullcap and Motherwort are perennials in Northern Climates, however I find they have to be grown as annuals in our climate. For more information growing herbs in hot climates I suggest Monica Brandies book Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens.

"We all seek more peace and tranquility in life. Growing a few herbs is a fabulous way to help with relaxation and stress reduction. Plus, planting herbs is a fun activity. Learn how to select herbs that will actually help you relax!

To make sure it is a stress-free experience, each herb has unique properties that also make them useful for relieving stress and anxiety. I have chosen three herbs that I find easy to grow, and they are holy basil, motherwort and skullcap.... read more"
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