Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming of Age Gift Ideas and Remedies for Young Women

This blog post is part of my Unique Women in Business Networking group's monthly blog hop. Our theme this month is Celebrating Womanhood. I'm really curious to read what the other ladies in the group have to say on this topic. You can find links to their blogs at the end of this post.

Celebrating womanhood to me is about celebrating the coming of age for pre-teen and teenage girls. Many traditional cultures have rituals or ceremonies for girls at coming of age. However you choose to honor a young woman at this stage her her life, you may wish to offer something practical for the physical and emotional changes she may be experiencing.

Warm heat can help to relax the uterus to prevent cramping pain. These flax and lavender wraps are great for relieving cramps when heated in the microwave.

No microwave? This warming pain relief balm is also great for reducing pain from cramping. Both of these are all natural pain relief methods that may help avert a cycle of Ibuproferin, Advil or Motrin use which can be hard on the Liver.

Another natural remedy I like for emotional issues around menstruation is Leonurus cardiaca AKA Motherwort. Motherwort is exceptionally helpful for balancing emotional issues in women such as anxiety or irritability, whether related to PMS or menopause. It also helps smooth the menstrual flow for uterine cramping. For heavy bleeding or pregnancy this herb should be avoided. This is a picture of one of my Motherwort plants from this winter season. It likes the Central Florida Winter Weather. I have been making Motherwort tincture with these plants and will have it available in the Extracts Section of my Etsy shop later this month. You can leave a comment below if you would like to be updated when my Motherwort tincture is ready.

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