Friday, June 11, 2010

Mandala Books Going Out of Business Sale

For those of you who are in Daytona Beach, don't miss your chance to pick out some great books before Victor closes the store.  The land lord lost the building to the bank, so Victor will stay open until the bank gives them notice to leave.  I'm passing along his message to you here: 

Mandala books remains open at our regular hours 7 days a week!

We feel like we are on death row, our endpoint undetermined. But, It seems that we will be here at least two weeks after we are told to vacate.  There are still great selections in Literature, Sci Fi, Mysteries, Cooking, Photography, Art and History.  Please tell others about this sale; if each of you could tell one other book lover it would help.

Prices are 50% off up to $50, then 70% off till $200 then 80% 0ff exceeding that.

Buy next years Birthday presents... or Christmas gifts for the next five years.
If anyone knows of worthy educational institutes or charities I would be happy to listen and donate books.

Thanks in advance, Best regards
Victor Newman
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