Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Cakes!

I guess I am a typical mom with baby on the brain.  Now instead of hallucinating that some one is calling "mom, mom" sometimes I think I am hearing crying.  I have already gotten up once from this quicky blog post to check out the crying that I am hearing (only in my mind)...I think...or maybe not.  Anyway, I love this cry baby necklace from CobwebCorner.  It makes me chuckle.  Cry babies are cute.

I swear I can still have an adult conversation about something other than baby, but please indulge me as I share my newly created baby cakes treasury with selections from my Unique Women in Business group members.  Visit the treasury on Etsy to click through the individual items.  

Three of the items in this treasury are from Kim of BeautifulBridget in her beautiful photo props shop you can find more items such as these.  All her items are her own original designs or patterns.  She is a true handmade artisan.  This is my current favorite from her shop.  Be sure also to check out Kim's daughter's shop: Miss Indie.  Quite a talented family:

Here is the newest picture of my little baby cake in a basket.  She's actually a very happy baby, not too much crying.

I also included in this treasury my Zi Cao Herbal Salve which is very great for baby diaper rash. Luckily I haven't had to use it for Tessa yet. It comes in very handy though if a baby ever has a rash or hurting bottom from diarrhea.  I have blogged about this specialty herbal salve previously and you can read all about it's many uses including to relieve burns, vaginitis pain, and insect bite itch here here.

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