Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures from the Mural in Progress at the Fair Share Garden

It is going to be worse than the end of okra season when we are done painting this mural. It has been such a fun process. Moira and I were out again painting with other volunteers the morning after Christmas. Way more fun than looking for post-holiday sales. Yesterday for the most part I spent some time filling in a baby blue sky back ground, and working on the tricolor rainbow, which you can see in the first photo above the vegetables.

Here is a close up of the sunflowers.

I think Michelle spent more time that she would care to remember touching up the blue water way. There was a comedy of errors with mix ups with the different blue shades of paint. Luckily we were pacified by peanut butter fudge shared by another volunteer.

It's a beautiful site. You can click on the picture below to see it enlarged. I'll be sure to update with more pictures of the finished project. We will be painting again at the garden Wednesday at 4 if anyone would like to join us.

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