Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can Shampoo Bars Really Make Your Hair Grow Thicker and Faster?

I have naturally thick hair that I keep long so I can properly test shampoo bars. One of my daughters has my thick hair, but my other daughter has her dad's thin and fine hair.

Sometimes new customers want to know if Aquarian Bath shampoo bars can help hair grow thicker, stronger and faster.  We want to know too, but we are biased. We tend to think that if your hair starts growing better after switching to our shampoo bars, it has more to do with what isn't in our shampoo bars (no SLS, no surfactants, no parabens, no chemical preservatives, no synthetic fragrance) than what is in them. Our way of thinking is that soaps and shampoo aren't really meant to be curative, since they are wash-off products. However if you have been using shampoos with ingredients that have been irritating your scalp and clogging your pores, then you may have been experiencing reduced hair growth. So if you stop using them and switch to shampoo bars, it is possible you may experience improved normal hair growth.

This blog post was inspired by a remarkable story from a customer who wrote the following last week: 

I switched to Organic last year and ordered a set of your soap, deodorant, lip gloss and shampoo. The shampoo from you has caused me to have more hair growth all over my head! My boyfriend kept saying I was cutting my hair, because I had all these short pieces everywhere. No, it's new growth at 40 yrs old! its all over my head! I have been using it twice a week since April last year (Sesame Aloe Lavender shampoo) and I will never use anything else ~ S.J. of Indiana 1/23/16

I checked the ingredients of the $73 specialty dandruff shampoo that S.J. was using previously. There were about 50 ingredients, including a few surfactants, so it is hard to say if one or the other ingredients may have been irritating. I also have to wonder if switching your diet to a 100% Organic can improve hair growth also; it was not clear if that was the case also.

Etsy product feedback Photo credit: Alica Monroe

If you experienced improved hair growth after using our shampoo bars, we would love to know what you were using before, either the product or the ingredients. Please feel welcome to post a comment or send us an email through our contact form on Aquarian Bath. Thank you in advance. We love getting feedback. It helps us make better formulas and make more informed recommendations to customers.

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