Thursday, August 7, 2014

Product Recommendation: High Frequency Device for Slow Hair Growth and Stubborn Acne

At Aquarian Bath we have many shampoo bar and soap products which customers have found useful for acne and problem scalp. However, when people ask me about what products are best for hair loss or very stubborn acne, I try to always let them know that sometimes dietary changes may be required, for example, to lessen acne, cutting out coffee, fried foods, sugar or alcohol can help. Also for thin hair or balding, don't expect extraordinary results with shampoo bars. Although some customers have reported that their hair grows significantly faster when they switch to our products, I think that probably has more to do with something low quality in their former shampoo products. Some people have indicated that there is a 'detox period' for using shampoo bars where the scalp adjusts to having to produce less natural oil to compensate for the harshness of other shampoos. So, I do wonder if some generic shampoos may be clogging pores and somehow slowing down normal hair growth. If you have thin hair, and you do see improvement in growth after using our shampoo bars, that is great, but there may be more you can do. Since we don't have a product specific for promoting hair growth, and some customers have asked, I wanted to make a quick review of one product from another company that I think may be helpful for promoting hair thickening. It is also great for stubborn acne patches and deep boils. This product is a High Frequency device. Many estheticians use them, but you can purchase them without a licence. The brand and model that I have experience with for about 2 years is a D'arsonval, HF4, and you can usually find them on Ebay for under $40. This device is essentially a small resonant Tesla coil operating at high frequencies.  The electrical arc is discharged through a gas filled tube, and is similar to "violet ray" electrotherapy devices popular in the early 1900's. The device comes with different attachments. The mushroom or spoon can be used on deep boils or stubborn pimples, or even as a part of your weekly skin care regimen. There is also a comb attachment that can be used for the scalp. This, and most other attachments, produce no discernible plasma arc to the skin, instead presenting a glowing "crown" discharge which is painless and virtually invisible under normal lighting conditions. I have seen results of hair thickening from our VP who used this comb attachment for male pattern balding when used regularly. Like everything else though, you have to use it regularly to get good results. Now that he hasn't used in a year or so the hair growth is back to the previous rate. I do not have experience or knowledge as to whether this is helpful for more dramatic hair loss, as in cases of Alopecia. Another interesting way that this device is used is for wart removal. I do know someone who has used this device successfully with repeated treatment for removal of warts. This was done using the "lightening bolt" attachment bi-weekly over a period of months. Overall it is a nice to have if you have recurring problem skin conditions, though if you take care of your diet, and use good quality products, you may only need to use it a few times a year. I am a big fan of spot treatment with clay overnight on pimples, but for people who may have an aversion to clays or find them messy, then this device may be a good alternative. The use of this device is contraindicated for skin cancers.
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