Saturday, November 8, 2014

DIY: Can you can you "refresh" the scent of a flaxseed pillow with essential oils?

We received a good question about out scented flax pillows the other day.  I'm posting it here so others can benefit from the answer.

How long does the scent last and can you "refresh" the flax with oils? I am an essential oil rep. and have a ton of oils and would like to be able to use different oils at different times. Is this possible?

The length of time that the scented herbs lasts really depends on how often you microwave it. I have pillows from over a year ago that still smell good when I heat them.

If you want you use essential oils, it is better to put just a drop or two on the pillow in a spot where you will be careful that it will not directly contact the skin after heating the pillow. You don't want to get undiluted essential oil on your skin, because it can make an allergic reaction and sensitize you to the essential oil. For that reason it would be the safest using one of our flax pillows that have washable covers, so that you could add a drop or two (no more than 2 drops) of oil to the inner pillow, and then insert the pillow into the protective cover. If the essential oil is pure, then it will not leave a residue on the pillow. You should test the purity of your essential oil first by putting a drop on plain paper. When a pure essential oil oil evaporates there will be no residue. This takes 24 hours or less depending on the oil. Fragrance oils are not beneficial for aromatherapy, and would also stain the fabric. 

Organic Cotton and Hemp Flax Pillow with washable cover.
A better way to refresh the pillow is to cut open the end seam, pour the contents into a bowl, and add a cup and a half of good quality dried Organic herbs. Mix them up and then set them aside until you have washed and dried your pillow sleeve. Then refill the sleeve using a funnel and then stitch down the end seam. You can use a mending kit if you don't have a sewing machine.

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