Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Flaxseed Pillows Beach & Garden Theme always with Organic Herbs

At long last we have new flax pillow fabric in stock.  We have three new fabrics, the first is this lovely sea shell print.  These pillows are made with 100% cotton sturdy decor fabric, and can be used as a hot or cold pack.  We sew up the pillow sleeves ahead of time, and when orders come in we fill the sleeves with Organic herbs of your choice, stitch, and ship.  You can have your pillow unscented or scented with various scented herbs.  The most popular are Lavender, Lavender-Spearmint-Chamomile, and Lavender-Rose.  

For the garden lover we also have these two new prints.  It is the same style of fabric.  The first is tans and cream.  The second one has a bit of blue-green and gold included.  Each have fun sayings "my garden grows," "Le Jardin," "in the breeze."

The all tan print seems to photograph better, but I prefer the one with the blue-green and gold.  

It felt great to get sewing again!  I hope you like the new pillows.  

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