Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a blessed, happy and prosperous 2013. We are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas here it seems. The other day I found 3 wrapped gifts on my book shelf, two for my husband, and one for his mother. Some wonderful handmade gifts, I thought something was missing! My mother has been hiding Christmas gifts and forgetting about them for years. Fabulous!  It can be fun when things don't go quite according to plan.  Christmas Day I opened a gift from my Mother in Law with a piece of paper that said "on the way."  Loved it!  She and I get to exchange gifts again tomorrow, the slow to arrive gift for me and the forgotten gift that was on my book shelf.

My mother, her mother and me
These were two of the missing gifts.  The first was a t shirt for my husband from IceCreamTees (he loved it by the way).
These are customized.  His says 2004.  Shipping was very fast from Canada.

One of the other missing gifts was dish clothes from Lupy4You, an Etsy shop that have purchased from multiple times.  All of the training pants that I have purchased for Tessa have been from Lupe's shop. She also has hats for 18 inch dolls, and Moira was very excited to get a hat for her Molly doll from Lupe.

Dish clothes from Lupy4you

I'll be posting lots of new items for 2013 soon and maybe a few other handmade favorites from this Christmas.  : )  Enjoy.

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