Friday, June 15, 2012

Leo's Ginger Jungle

One of the best parts of visiting my in laws is my father in law's garden. My mother in law calls it Leo's jungle. Over the years I have 'snuck in' plants to his garden in the form of plant gifts for birthdays or holidays including a gardenia bush that is now over 6 feet tall, a komquat tree, medicinal Japanese honeysuckle, medicinal white Chrysanthemums and a Myer's lemon tree. But when I first visited their home, these ginger plants were already there. They predominate the landscape along with colorful Bromeliads. These ginger plants must be about 10 feet tall and make an arch along the pathway along the back side of the house. If he hasn't pruned them back in a while, it is like walking through a ginger tunnel. Let me know if you would like to see more of his garden. The ginger predominates, but there will be Angel Trumpets blooming in September also.

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