Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Time in the Garden

April is a wonderful month in Central Florida- warm, but not too hot. It was a great day to take some photos in the garden with my new camera. It's a HP Photosmart R827 and I am pretty happy with the close up flower shots.

This is a "vick's" plant from Maggie's Herb Farm in St. Augustine. It can be used in a steam for sinus congestion, but I like it best as a low maintenance house plant.

Lavender is not so easy to grow in Central Florida. I was lucky to get a cutting from a friend who had a good variety for our climate. I have also had success propagating it by making cuttings at the end of the summer.

This is an heirloom variety of lettuce that is starting to flower. The lettuce was delicious. Seeds were a swap from garden blogger Ink and Penstemon.

These are cucumber flowers in my garden. This is the first year I've tried growing them.

First year of fruit on my Blue Berry bushes! Yay!

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