Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Favorite Equipment for the Herbal Kitchen?

I recently broke my favorite pot for making herbal balms and salves. It was an awesome Corningware pot with cup and oz markings on the inside. This was so great for making syrups when you need to boil down the solution to half the initial volume. So I'm in the market for new equipment. I haven't been able to find something exactly like what I broke, so I'm shopping around. Does anyone use Le Creuset pots for cooking or making herbal preparations? They have enamel-coated cast iron pots that would be great for making herbal syrups or balms. Other favorites? One of my favorite tools for the for the herbal kitchen that I can't live with out is the Oxo Potato Ricer for pressing tinctures and infused oils. I learned that tip from Jim McDonald of a few years back. It's about time to re-outfit my kitchen so any equipment tips would be appreciated.
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