Friday, June 25, 2010

Florida has a lot to offer!

The Florida Etsy Street team just keeps getting better and better! Check out these two treasuries from two of our members.

The first is entitled "Summer inspires" by jewelry artist Seaphemera.  I love that she included my Black Charcoal Clarifying Soap in a summer collection, because this is just the soap that I like to use in hot sticky Florida summer weather. The charcoal and bentonite clay in this soap help make it very cleansing.

My favorite item from the treasury is this abstract mosiac mirror from Memories In Mosiacs.

OhBabydotcom is the curator of this "My Purple Passion" treasury.

Included in this treasury is my Black Licorice Tooth Powder in the treasury, which is a big favorite. I just made up a batch of tooth powder samples to send out free with the next 10 orders from my shop.  I love the awesome clamshell necklace that was included in this treasury.

You can check out more items from the Florida Etsy Street Team and meet our members at

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