Monday, January 18, 2010

New Chickens!

After struggling with two Black Star chickens for the last number of months, Moira and I decided we needed to trade them for less adventurous hens. The Black stars, even with their wings clipped managed to jump over our fences and roam. They were consistently laying eggs in the neighbors yard, and last week other neighborhood kids were coming in to our front yard to abuse them. When it was finally time to pack them up to take them to the farm, Moira was very sad to say goodbye to Rose and Helen, but her mood was quite improved when we got to Angels Rest Farm in Ormond beach where she had her chance to choose new birds.

We traded the two laying Black Star hens for four 3-4 month old hens; two for us and two for Moira to sell. Moira choose for herself a Buff Orpington and a Black Australorp. We are hoping to have better luck with these two birds. We already have one Buff Orpington, and she would never dream of hopping a fence. I'm told that Black Australorps are quite gentle as well. The other two that were chosen where a Rhode Island Red and a second Black Australorp. Moira sold those birds yesterday for eight dollars.

If you are looking for chickens or fresh eggs and you live in the Daytona or Ormond Beach area I recommend Angel's Rest Farm. The farm is run by AJ and Peggy who are very nice. Eggs are $2.50 a dozen, and she has many birds to choose from as well as pigs, and goats. You can email them for information at

Thanks to my friend Patsy Shaw for the great pictures and for driving us out there and helping me carry the birds back and forth.

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