Friday, December 4, 2015

New Design: Microwavable Heating Mat for Hips, Lower or Upper Back

We have a new microwavable heating pad design. I needed a pillow that was semi-flat to put under my hips and lower back to help relax muscles chronically tight from sewing. This new microwavable flaxseed pillow design has helped a lot.  It is a semi-flat mat with 3 sections. It is specialized to be comfortable when laying on top of it. It works well for the hip area, lower back or upper back. It is also nice to drape over the knees, abdomen, or hips. The weight of it reminds me of the heavy aprons that are draped over you during an X-ray. The actual weight is approximately 2.25 pounds.  Dimensions are approximately 13 x 10 inch. The fabric is Organic cotton barkcloth by Cloud9 Fabrics.

 heating pad

If you are like me and have issues with hip or Iliotibial band tightness from sewing or something else, I also highly recommend you check out 2 Hanna Somatics youtube videos. The videos teach simple exercises to eliminate chronic muscle tightness for hips and IT band.

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