Saturday, January 3, 2015

Florida Museum of Natural History Photos

We spent last weekend in Gainesville Florida for a short weekend vacation after a hectic 2 months of shipping holiday orders.  I will post some photos from our favorites spots.  First, the University of Florida Museum of Natural History.  The fossil collection is amazing.  My favorite was the terror bird (below), which preyed on mammals, and looks a lot like a chicken.

Daytona's Museum of Arts and Science also has a giant sloth skeleton, but the UF museum has two or three towering giants.

The fossil room has many different species.

The giant bear dog, an evolutionary dead-end.

Extinct Rhinoceros species.

The special Megalodon shark exhibit costs extra. The A to Z shark Sharkabet artwork by artist Ray Troll made this exhibit worth the extra price.  His whimsical shark illustrations are realistic and often have fun settings, for example the nurse sharks (above) and dog fish (below). Spoiler alert: sharks are not bony fish, the model of the Megalodon is made from metal, and you can see Megalodon jaw replicas in the free part of the museum.

In the butterfly rain forest. The docent was very knowledgeable and friendly.  She offered to take a family photo.  The butterfly rain forest costs extra and is a must see. Florida residents receive a small discount.

Many species of butterfly were willing to sit still for photographs.

Owl head butterfly. 

The 6th mass extinction is said to be underway and due to human activity. Three hundred thousand species are estimated to be lost each year. Which are next? Endangered or threatened species are shown in the gallery above. Florida's last remaining pine rockland habitat is the only know home for a species of beetle previously thought to be extinct. A Walmart and theme park are currently planned to take over this area.

For news about threatened species please follow Extinction symbol on twitter.

Later on I will be posting some new Organic cotton pillow fabrics, and other photos from our Gainesville trip. Hope you liked the photos.

~Cory Trusty, president

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