Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After Swimming Hair Care Tips

What is the best way to take care of your hair after swimming? I'm sharing tips here today for hair care after ocean, pool and Florida springs swimming. The focus is on shampoo bars since that is what we make here at Aquarian Bath.

Ocean Living near the ocean we are in the water very often. Due to the salt and minerals in the water, I have found it best to wash you hair twice after swimming in the Ocean. This doesn't have to happen right away, you can wait a couple days if you like, but when you do wash your hair wash it twice.  This will help get all the salt and minerals out of your hair which can otherwise bind with the shampoo bar lather and leave somewhat of a residue. After washing comb or brush your hair out as usual. If you feel like your hair may be drying out from lots of sun exposure, you can also apply a small amount of leave in serum to smooth and nourish the hair. By the way, a very easy way to get dread locks is to let your hair lock up naturally after a few days ocean swimming. It's a great way to get a surfer style dreads. If that is not your style, then I wouldn't wait for more than a few days of ocean swimming to wash and brush out your hair.

Conventional Chlorinated Swimming Pools If you are swimming in a conventional pool, I also recommend washing you hair twice and also immediately after swimming. Leaving Chlorinated water in hair damages it, and can even turn blond hair green if done repeatedly. Washing the hair twice has been my standard recommendation before I even started using shampoo bars. I learned this tip somewhere along the way when I was  swimming competitively in school, lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons. A single wash, even with shampoo designed for after swimming can still leave a Chlorine smell in the hair. Also, pool chemistry is a delicate and not all pool managers have mastered the art of using minimal chemicals. For some pools a single wash may be adequate, but to be on the safe side do a double wash, especially if you detect a strong Chlorine smell at the pool. Those who swim often may also find a leave in serum beneficial if they are finding that their hair is becoming damaged. Also, I should mention, swim cap is very helpful for preventing exposure to the chlorinated water, but they can be feel awkward to put on and wear with dry hair. In that case you can put the cap on in the shower with wet hair before getting into the pool. In that way you can pretty much avoid the Chlorinated water on your hair altogether.

photo via Kevin Tuck, http://www.rgbstock.com

Spring Water Florida Spring water comes from deep underground rivers fed by Mountain snow melt. The water is very pure, cold, and delightful to swim in. No special care is required after swimming in Spring Water.  I generally wash my hair with a shampoo bar once, as usual, a day or two after swimming in spring water.

I have less experience with hair care after swimming in sulfur springs and oxygen pools. I would suspect though that and extra shampooing might be required after swimming in sulfur springs due to the mineral content, though the sulfur can be beneficial to scalp and skin for some people.  

Do you use shampoo bars after swimming? We would love to hear your after swimming hair care tips.

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