Thursday, July 17, 2014

Harmony Drive Film Vignette Starring Tonya Kay

Have you ever struggled with trying to do what you feel is the right thing with limited support from family? One of our customers, Tonya Kay, stars in this short vignette from a larger film called The Pamphleteer about a woman whose quiet promotion of vegan lifestyle has profound impacts on those who read her handmade literature. Tonya plays Darcy, a new vegan who finds herself the odd girl out at her families Mother's Day dinner.

I loved this film, because even though I am not a vegan, I appreciate the presentation on multiple levels. First, I admire the vegan lifestyle and think it is healthy for a lot of people. That said I am more of a vegetarian, and I will probably never give up our backyard eggs from happy hens. Notwithstanding, I was happy to see a film presenting veganism and the ripple effect that can be created by the individual. The main reason I liked it though was that I think Tonya really channeled the feelings that anyone can experience within a mainstream family when they are trying to make healthy or ethical choices. So if you have ever felt frustrated with or isolated from your family by being the vegan, the vegetarian, the recovering alcoholic, gluten-free, soy-free, Organic, non-GMO, or trying to avoid plastic packaging, etc., then watch this short little film for a moment of solace. You are not alone.

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