Monday, July 7, 2014

25 Uses for Aquarian Bath's Zero Waste Soap Saver Towel Pouches

We are finding more and more uses for our new hemp and Organic cotton Zero Waste Soap Saver Towel Pouches every day. You should pick one up with your next soap order, because they have so many uses and it helps you use up the last bits of your soap or shampoo bars. We tried to come up with as many uses as possible.  This list is just the beginning!  

1. Clean stove and counter tops
2. Quick wet dust the house.
3. Wash dishes by hand quickly and easily.
4. Use in the shower for scrubbing your body.
5. Clean finger prints off door knobs and around doorways.

We are offering these soap saver bags in different colors so you can have one color for the kitchen, one color for the bathroom, etc.  Shop for green here.
6. Scrub dust off of vents.
7. OCD cleaning tool
8. See #7
9. Use up the odd hotel soap left overs
10. Wash window sills.
11. Quickly wash up children who like to play in mud puddles. 
12. Polish bald spots (no soap required).
13. Give as a housewarming gift. 

Mix and Match Gift set
14. Great gift for a soap maker.
15. Great gift for a maker of ugly soaps
16. Wedding gift
17. Econerd gift
18. Pot holder for 18 inch doll.

19. Stealth bathroom stash pocket.
20. Bathroom soap coaster
21. Tile polisher
22. Pot scrubber
23. Toilet scrubber
24. Sink scrubber
25. Toe flossing device

Please join in the fun and add any other uses you come up with by leaving a comment on this blog post.

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