Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wedding Pictures With Our New "love" Stamp for Soap Favors

Friday night we had our 10 year anniversary.  To celebrate we had an informal renewal of vows ceremony at the beach in Ormond Beach.  Our wedding colors slowly evolved into yellow and black starting with my choice of a dress color that could moderately resist potential smudging from little flower girl hands.

Cory & Scott president & vice president at Aquarian Bath
Scott found a black shirt with a yellow-gold tie.  The girls found matching dresses that they liked with black and some yellow.

With goldenrod in bloom this time of year, I had to have Solidago for our bouquets.

The day before the wedding I got a new batch of custom made soap stamps in.  One of them was a new 'love' stamp.  I stamped up some of our Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Soaps with it, put the soaps in our biodegradable cellophane bags, and added some yellow ribbon.  Not your typical soap wedding favors, but they were a perfect fit for our event.  

I will stamp up some different colored soaps as examples for custom wedding soap favors later this month.  

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