Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bean Tee Pee Success

One goal for this gardening season was a bean tee pee.  My husband and friends and I built this from PVC and netting that was lying around the Bonner Center community garden.  I usually grow bush beans, so this was a first.  Many different types of pole beans were planted.  The first (I think) were Kentucky Wonder pole beans, most of which froze.  I later planted Violetta pole beans and a few other pole beans from a local Daytona gardener and artist Daniel Fisher.  I squeezed in one cucumber plant also.

This is what I wanted to see, kids shaded from the hot Florida sun picking beans.   Inside the tee-pee there is also Thyme and Mint.  The mint looks so healthy, you can tell it has been getting a lot of water.

It's a super harvest so far and no pests to be found.   I'm sure there was a lot of watering help from friends at the community garden.  My bush beans at home don't look half as good!  There were also 2 cucumbers hiding in there too that we took home.  Moira who has always refused store bought cucumbers, was happy to taste a fresh cuke.  

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