Friday, April 19, 2013

Orangutans – victims of "sustainable" palm oil

Photo by Adrian Van Leen 
Once again another "sustainable palm" oil company, Butmitama Gunajaya Agro, has been caught deforesting endangered Orangutan habitat.  

Orangutans – victims of "sustainable" palm oil
"Perched atop the remains of the last tree, an orangutan looks helplessly on what was until recently the forest he was living in but is now only ruins. Armed with chainsaws and bulldozers, workers of Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA), a palm oil company, have completely destroyed the rainforest for miles....This may seem hard to believe, but the palm oil producer BGA has been a member of the RSPO, the label for sustainable palm oil, since 2007. "

Please help spread the word, "sustainable palm" is not sustainable.  Palm oil is a common ingredient in baked goods and handmade soaps.  You will never find this ingredient in Aquarian Bath products.  It is possible to make bath and body products with out palm oil.  You can follow this link to ask governments and big industry to put an end to rainforest deforestation and palm oil imports.  
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