Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eco-friendly Cloth Femine Pads from Montana Solar Creations

Natural personal care is colorful and ecofriendly with these cloth feminine panty liners from Montana Solar Creations.  These cloth pads are made with 100% cotton fabric and are even sewn using solar power.  Having just learned about the dangers of microplastic from washing synthetic fabrics, I like that these pads do not contain a polyfleece fill.

These snap backs close securely and fit normal to wide panties.  These pads are suitable for protecting underware from light incontinence, light menstrual bleeding, or discharge.  Lots of colorful sets are currently available at the Montana Solar Creations online Etsy store. 

Soiled pads can be soaked first prior to laundering naturally. Some people use water from soaked menstrual pads to fertilize plants, most often trees or non food plants.  This is a hot topic with a lot of discussion at Green Thumbs on

Montana Solar Creations provided these pads for review under no obligation.  
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