Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Best Sewing Machine Repair Man in Volusia County

Photo by Christine Landis
For all my local Volusia County sewing friends, I need to take a minute to make sure you know about my sewing repair man Jim.  Jim is a retired sewing machine repair guy who fixes up machines out of his daughter's garage in Port Orange.  He also always has well tuned used machines available at reasonable prices.  I have purchased 3 machines from him and they have all been good.  The price is right also with beginner or basic machines starting at $40.  I purchased a Singer 401 A from him yesterday and it was only $150.  These are going for over $220 plus shipping on ebay.  Right now he has a Singer 301 A for sale, which is great for quilters.  He only wants $75 for it (he will ship too).  Fair market value for these in Canada is 700.  I'm not sure what they go for here in the US.  Call him up for your repair needs: 386-681-8354 (I hate to say it, but while you can).  He is an elderly person who is desperate for work to cover his medical bills.  He is so reasonable that the dealers call him and harrass him and tell him that has to stop doing repair so cheaply.  It is not just that he is good at his job and inexpensive, but I like him because he is also sharing with information that most of the proprietary-minded repair people will not tell you about.  Also thanks to my Daytona Etsy Teammate Kim Fienberg of Purple Thumbprint Creations for referring me to Jim.
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