Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Days of the White Street Garden

I took these photos a few weeks ago at the corner of White Street and Willis, the former home of the Fair Share Garden or Lions Share Garden.  If I had known that it would be the my last trip to the garden I would have taken more pictures and brought home my Soapwort plant that was still managing to survive.  The garden was lush with wild flowers  and a healthy feeding ground for many birds and insects.  I will never understand why people feel the need to destroy something so beautiful so that they can replace it with a vacant lot.  They even took down the tire swing that the neighborhood kids used to use and the little 'sun' ball on the gnomon for the sundial.  The land was taken over by Daytona State College in a land swap with the Daytona Beach Lions Club.  Unlike many other progressive Colleges and Universities, Daytona State College does not have a garden on it's campus. I was lucky enough to be educated at the University of Washington where daily I enjoyed the large herbal garden on campus.

Beautiful wasn't it? 
This is how Daytona State College left it, utterly flattened.  There are also birds nesting about the mural.  I wonder where they go for their food now?
The flattened the large palm tree that was there even before we planted the garden.  The palm washome to mocking birds and was surrounded by bromeliads. 

Garden ghosts?  Orbs everywhere in this photo looking out towards where the tire swing used to be.
Still signs of life.  A few crash test Aloes survived the trauma.
Not surprisingly, a few irrepressible beach sunflowers.  No doubt those will be found throughout the neighborhood for years to come. 
A timid bloomer.  Not quite all the plants were plowed under.  I hope it makes lots of new seeds to spread around.

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