Thursday, December 8, 2011

Manatees at Blue Springs

Lucky me I got to see manatees at Blue Springs yesterday. I was so happy we finally got to see some up close. Here is Tessa telling us to look!

Coming up for air...

Rolling over, maybe to get that black fish out from underneath her.

We also saw a group of 5 manatees, a mother and 2 that were very young. Unfortunately the pictures of them didn't turn out as well.

On the way home I got lucky, Tessa fell asleep, so I was able to stop and pick up more silicon molds while Daddy waited in the car with her. The blue sun shaped molds are for my re-vamped lotion bar kit and the trees will be for next Christmas's soaps. I love planning ahead!

Check out the new look of my lotion bar kit on AquarianBath or at Etsy if you have an old web browser.

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