Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My New Soap Molds

I have been running out of soap so fast that I just had to make some more molds yesterday. So yesterday we ran to Home Depot for some boards and nuts and bolts. I finished them just last night.

Here they are all put together for the first time earlier today. Each slab mold makes 14 bars of soap.

Here is the first new batch of soap in the mold. It is Rose Geranium and Rosewood. This batch also went into heart shaped silicon molds. Hoping those come out nicely. Two slab molds full of my Dark Stout Soap followed. I use less liqiud when I making batches like these that need to be cured quickly. Both of these batches will be ready to ship in time for Christmas on December 15th. In the mean time I still have 2 bars of the Dark Stout Soap in stock. Plus some left over Guinness for Thanksgiving! Have a good one.
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