Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Spring!!! (or close enough for Spring Planting in Florida)

Hurray! Today is March 1st. For Central Florida in my growing zone that means the danger of frost and freezes has past. Quiet happily this coincides also with me coming back to my normal self after being in bed on and off all weekend with a head cold. I started out my day with preparations for spring growing. I pruned back all the dead wood from the Neem and Moringa olefiera trees, the candle bush (Senna alata), cork screw gingers, hibiscus, and various other shrubs and herbs. I weeded the old mugwort from mugwort patch. There are already lots of little baby variegated mugworts coming up. Finally I turned the raised bed and compost pile.

I've been looking through my seed box and have pulled a few items to get started in the raised be this week. I'm going to give butternut squash, amaranth, red clover, okra and watermelon a go in the raised bed. I have various other seeds to start in pots including holy basil, agrimony, calendula,tomatos and bell peppers. I think somewhere I have bok choi and parsley seed too.

Wednesday I will get the herbs pruned back and start seeds in the flats I prepared at the Fair Share Garden. I'll be sure to post pictures when things start growing.
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