Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Production Streak: New Veggie Soaps, Balms & Perfumes

I had an extra looong weekend which started on Wednesday. It was so nice to be home working on restocking and making new products. First here is a little peak of what is put up to cure for December. The white soap at the top of the blog is a Lavender essential oil veggie soap. I used the same veggie oil formula that I use for my pumpkin poppy seed soap. That soap has a lot of repeat purchases and raves about it's very creamy and bubbly lather. So I decided it was time to make a few more soaps with this oil combo. Yesterday I also made a batch of veggie patchouli soap. I just cut it this morning. It has a pretty in the pot swirl made with cocoa powder as a contrasting natural colorant.

Rosemary mint was the second batch that I made yesterday. I decided to practice my bicolor layering, because I had a special request for 100 bilayer soaps over the weekend. Most of these green clay top layer soaps were perfect, but a couple like this one had a little dip into the white. Good thing I had a practice run. It's been a little while since I've made layered soaps.

Okay enough of what is curing and not ready to ship. I also made and listed some lip balms and perfumes over my long weekend. I was getting low on Sweet Orange and Licorice lip balms, so those are back in stock. Also brand new I have a Lavender Sweet Orange Lip balm. This is my first vegan lip balm made with Candelilla wax instead of Beeswax.

In the perfume department I added a single note Jasmine sambac perfume to the mix. It is strongly aromatic and long lasting.

A couple of more perfumes I actually added last week but haven't posted about yet, so I will mention them as well. The first is a single note Fine French Lavender essential oil roll on Perfume. The highly volatile Lavender is anchored with a small amount of vanilla-like Benzoin.

The second is a Spearmint roll on perfume also with Benzoin. The natural green comes from herbal Isatis tinctoria powder and alfalfa.

Lastly this beautiful Mandarin perfume is colored naturally with annatto seed and is a blend of Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Litsea, and Patchouli essential oils.

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