Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two New Organic Cotton Pillow Fabrics.. and What's Next?

Last year we learned a lot about Organic cotton and Organic cotton fabrics, and how much pesticide is needed for the conventional cotton crops, way more than non Organic fruits and veggies. Because of this, our goal was to sell out of conventional cottons by the end of 2014.  We've found this goal to be more challenging than we thought, and though we have nearly eliminated the conventional cottons we still have some for sale. On the positive side we have significantly increased our selection of Organic cotton pillows. Most of these, however, are the more expensive double layer pillows, because most of the Organic cottons that are available are in thin broadcloth or quilter's weight cotton. These cottons we make into pillow covers, and sell together with a white pillow base made with Organic cotton and hemp. Our newest fabric options are shown above (pink) and below (blue floral). 

Sadly the most popular Organic cotton canvas pillow fabric, the line leaf blue canvas (below), has been discontinued. We scoured the internet for the last remaining yardage, and probably have enough fabric to last through Mother's Day. The Organic canvases are even more rare than the light weight Organic cottons. Everyone loves this fabric and I was prepared to start out my first wholesale order from Cloud 9 with a few bolts of line leaf to be stocked through the end of 2015, but sadly Cloud 9 has no plans to restock it. Why is it so complicated? Organic cotton makes up only 1% of the cotton market. Even cotton growers have a hard time finding Organic cotton seed. 

Line Leaf Blue Canvas Flax Pillow unscented $21 or scented options $22.99+
Below, here is one quilter's weight fabric that is also very popular for from Cloud 9.  I'm not sure if the popularity is due to the cute print, or a twitter fanaticism. The fabric is called "Tweety Tweet." This fabric definitely makes the list for bolt 1 of 4 for my initial wholesale purchase from Cloud 9. 

Organic Cotton Pillow with washable cover unscented $26 or scented $26.80+

I would love to have your feedback about these brand new fabrics up top (pink with white and blue floral), and also check out the ones below that we are considering for this year. These are all Cloud 9 Organic cottons coming out in 2015. Some are canvases and some are light weight.  If you like these fabrics, love them, or hate them, please let me know. I would appreciate the input. I would have never bought the tweety tweet fabric, but my daughter Moira wanted it for Organic Kitty Land, so I just got a bit to try and it was a hit.

The 4 best Organic Canvas options for Summer 2015 are shown below. Canvas is what is most in demand, because a single layer means that we can keep the price lower, and they are easy to spot clean. Some people make single layer pillows with thinner cottons, but they wear out faster.  We are not willing to compromise on the fabric thickness; we only want well insulated sturdy fabric that is made to last. I like these cloud canvases in turquoise and navy the best, but they don't thrill me like the line leaf blue though.

What do you think of these prints?

This grey and white print above is not a fabric that I would choose for myself, but it is a nice design, and also is available in gold and white. It is growing on me.

As for the above green and white print, meh, again it is not something I would choose for myself. It is also available in turquoise or grey. That is about it for new Cloud 9 Organic canvases becoming available in 2015, which makes me sad. I would love to hear positive or negative feedback about the 4 listed above.

I am more hopeful about these two quilters weight cottons below. They are from the new "Biology" collection at Cloud 9, and they thrill me. In my former life I was doing biology research at the University of Washington.  How do you like these prints? These fabrics would be used for the more expensive line of pillows with washable cover and interior pillow made with hemp and organic cotton canvas.

How do you like the new fabrics? Can't wait to hear your feedback.  

Thank you,
Cory Trusty, Aquarian Bath
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