Friday, January 2, 2015

Post-holiday Inventory Update

Happy New Year!  Hope you had a wonderful 2014, and best wishes for 2015. Thanks for buying us out of so many products for Hanukkah, and Christmas 2014. Dead Sea Mud Shampoo bars, Lavender Deodorants, Skin Regeneration Balm, Spearmint Deodorants and Aloe Rosemary Mint Shampoos are back in stock. Rose shampoo bars and Citrus Bay Rum patchouli shampoo bars will be ready January 21st. We are almost out of Neem shampoo bars, Patchouli soaps, Sesame Aloe shampoo bars, and Neem olive oil soaps. More neem shampoo and Patchouli soap will be ready January 28th after we sell out of the last couple that are currently available. We will be making more of the following sold out bars next week and the following week: Gardener's Soaps, Lavender Oatmeal soaps, Neem Olive oils soaps, Sesame aloe shampoo bars, and Lavender Vanilla Shampoo bars. These will be ready in early to mid February. Thanks for your patience!
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