Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Hemp-Organic Cotton Canvas Hot or Cold Therapy Pillows

Aquarian Bath is happy to offer more heat or cold therapy flaxseed pillows in this new canvas single layer fabric. This pinstripe fabric is made from a blend of hemp and Organic cotton which is exceptionally soft and sturdy. At this time we have these pillows in candy striper red and white or tan and white, perfect to match with cottage chic decor.  We hope to add blue and white later this year.

These pillows have again proved to me their practicality in design and functionality recently. Aquarian Bath pillows are loose and free-form without sections they can wrap easily around any injured area of the body not just around the neck and shoulders. Last week I fell while gardening and severely injured my arm. The physician's assistant at the ER gave me a diagnosis of a sprained elbow. She recommended ice on my arm for 20 minutes at a time, 4 times a day. It was nice to have the pillows on hand in our freezer, because they were not damp and leaky like the "leak proof" ice pack from the hospital. The flaxseed pillows of course do not get as cold as a water filled ice pack, however there is no risk of an ice water leak in your bed while you are injured. Also the flax pillows felt very soft and flexible compared to the solid ice packs and chunked-ice packs which felt too hard and painful on my swollen arm.  I also tried using an old experimental pillow which had corn instead of flax filling. The corn-filled pillow was too painful to use on the tender inflamed areas because corn kernels are large and hard. 

My arm is still healing. I have been using Speech Notes for longer emails and this blog post.  I can still sew and fill orders, and am hoping to regain all of my flexibility and strength.  I had to stop making soap, so if you need our original Ocean Waves sea salt soaps, you might want to pick one up. We will likely have a wait time for those soon.  

~ Cory Trusty, president

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