Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Flax Pillow Fabrics for Winter

Organic Cotton - Hemp Canvas with Organic Cotton Cover. This is a print I had been looking at for a long time.  I like the soft autumn tones combined with the pink and grey. 

Organic Cotton - Hemp Canvas with Organic Cotton Cover.  This print is the popular so far since the cold weather has arrived. You can also pick up a matching catnip pillow for your kitty with this print from Organic Kitty Land.  Thanks to Moira at Organic Kitty Land for picking out this fabric.  

This is a Tan Hemp Linen, natural color, pesticide-free.  I love the fabric, and may use it to make myself a pair of pants or skirt. 

Purple Organic Cotton Canvas, the dark plum color is a bit difficult to photograph. The hue in this photo is slightly on the brown side, but the color is a true dark purple. It is a bet if you are shopping for someone who likes purple.

Pink, Gray, and White Damask Print Cotton Scott and I fell in love with this print and picked up a couple of yards for the customers who consistently want fanciful or feminine pink prints when shopping for Moms, Great Aunties and Grandmas. Unfortunately this print is a conventional cotton. I've been disappointed with the selection of Organic pink fabrics in canvas and twill. It is hard to believe considering how much emphasis was placed on pink for October's Breast Cancer awareness. There is strong demand for pink! Our one pink Organic canvas is this hot pink geometric design, which is more fitting for a younger crowd. We also have a Hemp-Organic cotton canvas with a light pink Organic cotton cover, but again it is a geometric design which hasn't gone over well with the great Auntie demographic. We would love to offer more variety in Organic pink cotton canvas pillows.

This Blue Toile cotton I found in a remnants section at the fabric store. It is also a conventional cotton and we just have a very limited quantity (4-5). 

There is no shortage of fresh modern and geometric Organic cottons, but I have yet to find any traditional looking Toile or attractive Damask prints in Organic cotton. We are hoping to see more traditional designs from the Organic Cotton companies, like Cloud 9 Fabrics in 2015, and will be ready to purchase these types of fabrics if they become available.  If you would like to see more traditional designs in Organic Cotton Fabric too, please sent a tweet or an email to @cloud9fabrics to let them know.

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