Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Blog Hop with Aquariann

aquariann's Winter Blog Hop

My Etsytwitter fairy artist friend Aquariann is hosting a winter blog hop. Check it out by following the link to her blog.

I've been hunkered down here since Sunday trying to get over a winter cold. Thankfully I'm just about there. While my list of products that I'm running out of grows I've been resting and watching movies. I just found yesterday that the full Mists of Avalon series was on youtube, so that was fun to watch.

While I was sick and resting I also came up with a last minute gift idea in my Etsy shop. Can you believe there is still time? I made u-print Aquarian Bath gift certificates for my Bath and Body shop. They are in $20, $30 and $50 (for 45) denominations. Each gift certificate is personalized same day with the the giver and receivers name and a numbered code to use at redemption.

Hope you have a great Christmas and don't have too many last minute errands to run!
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