Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day Farmer's Market Pictures

I had a great I'm at the City Island Farmer's market over the weekend. This mystery leprechaun in a colorful hat and a green trench coat came to visit me. Unfortunately my picture of the Daytona Balogney stone didn't turn out. I would have liked to have had a picture of the brave souls kissing it. The kids had a great time with chalk art and this time I even put some chalk to good use in front of my booth.

Here I am at my booth. This is the first picture of me that has been taken this year where I am truly looking pregnant beyond question. I'm 31 weeks pregnant in this picture. Many thanks to Jack White and my friends at Go Green Daytona for helping me with the tent and boxes to set up and unload.

The usual fruit and veggie vendors were on site. I'm already regretting I only got a half flat of strawberries instead of a full flat or two. The blueberries were also delicious and I'll be having Asparagas again this week from the market. Deep Creek Ranch was also on site with their grass feed organically raised beef. I do hope they will become regulars at the market.

I've said green is my favorite color, but this is a bit much, don't you think?

Thanks to Patricia Shaw for the great pictures.

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