Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentines Treasury!

I just made my first treasury on Etsy and had to share it. This is a collection of items from my friends in the Unique Women in Business group. Enjoy!

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Kitchen Cosmetics: Do it Yourself Body Care with a Cider Vinegar and Locally Grown Herbs

This blog post is a part of the Kitchen Cosmetics Blog party hosted by Sagescript.

Apple Cider Vinegar, a common ingredient in the kitchen, has an amazing variety of little know uses, many of which are for cleaning and deodorizing. Vinegar has low acidity and therefore helps to eliminate bacteria which create bad odors. Apple Cider Vinegar also makes a great non-toxic base for herbal deodorant, facial toner, conditioning hair rinse or after sun splash.

Aromatic Herbs from the Florida Garden to use for your Herbal Vinegar Base:
Grated Orange or Lemon peel
Lemon-Rose Geranium
True Rose Geranium
Lemon Verbena
Holy Basil

No fresh herbs? Dried Herbs that are easy to find include
White Sage
Rose Petals

Method for Making a Stock Herbal Vinegar Solution:
You can used dried herbs or collect fresh herbs from your garden. When collecting fresh herbs, you should only pick green unblemished material. Do not collect brown leaves or leaves from diseased plants. The best time of day to collect is late morning when the dew has evaporated from the plant. Add fresh or dry aromatic herbs chopped coarsely then add to a clean glass jar. Pack it as full as possible while still leaving room for vinegar to cover the herbs completely. This is difficult to judge at first, but as you make more and more infusions you will get better at this step. Cover the herbs completely with vinegar and cap with a non metallic lid. If you only have a metallic lid for the jar, then you can put a plastic baggy over the top of the jar and then put the lid on or use a rubber band to secure it. Label the jar with the ingredients, the type of vinegar and the date. You should check the jar in the next day or two to see if you need to add any extra liquid. Let the herbs sit in the vinegar for about six weeks. After six weeks you can strain out the liquid and store it in a glass jar with a non-metallic lid.

Ways to use your Herbal Vinegar for Body Care:
Herbal Vinegar Deodorant
Commercial deodorants may contain harmful pore-clogging materials and aluminum. Baking soda containing deodorant powders are natural and locally available, but have given me rash. I have found them better suited for foot powders. Some people also may be sensitive to Vinegar on their skin, so it is a good idea to test it or monitor to see if you react to it. My skin is very sensitive, but I have found that herbal Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar are the best options for deodorant and are also very effective. I use the herbal vinegar straight in a spray bottle. You will need a clean funnel and a coffee filter if you are planning to put your deodorant liquid into a spray container to remove small particles that can clog the pump. Once you run out of deodorant, you can simply refill your spray bottle with more infused vinegar.

Hair Detangler
On wet hair I use a couple of sprays of straight herbal vinegar to help untangle knotted hair after shampooing. This is a great method for kids who have knots in their hair. The trick is just to use a small amount and hold it about 12 inches from the head so it doesn't go on too strong.

Conditioning Hair Rinse
Vinegar diluted in water or herbal tea makes a great hair rinse for smoothing wavy frizzy hair or removing build up from shampoos and conditioners. For long hair add 2 Tablespoons of Herbal Vinegar to pure water or herbal tea. This is a leave in hair rinse.

Facial toner is a must have in Florida most of the year with the hot humid weather. Mix 1 part herbal vinegar with 2 parts pure water or herbal tea to make a refreshing rinse. For those with sensitive skin, you may wish to start with a 1 part vinegar 4 parts water solution and increase the vinegar concentration as you feel it is appropriate for your skin.

After Sun Splash
Vinegar help take the sting out of a sun burn. You can dilute it with water like a toner and apply it with a cotton ball to over exposed sun areas if you have been out in the sun a bit too long. Alternatively you may with to use the straight herbal vinegar spray.

Bug Bites
Add a little bit of vinegar neat to a mosquito or other bug bite to help take the sting and itch out.

Bath Additive
Add a cup of herbal vinegar to your hot bath. The mild acidity of the vinegar helps restore the body's protective acid mantle. The acid mantle is a film on the surface of the skin that helps make a barrier to bacteria and viruses.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hands on Haiti: Work Glove and Hand Sanitizer Collection

The Fair Share Garden in Daytona Beach is collection work gloves and hand sanitizer to send to Jacmel Haiti. Fair Share realizes that in the aftermath of the earthquake catastrophe in Haiti, all of us want to do something to assist in the relief and recovery. Much of that work will be difficult hands-on labor accomplished by everyday people.

Donated gloves can be dropped off until Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 12:00 pm at the following locations:

Fair Share Urban Garden
345 White Street in Daytona
(corner of White and Willis next to the Conklin Center)
Saturdays between 8 a.m. and noon
Wednesdays between 4 and 6 p.m.

Shroomer's Pizza & Wings
521 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill
Monday thru Saturday between 11 a.m. and 2 a.m.

Mandala Bookstore
127 West International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach 32114
Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

First Friday in Daytona Beach with the Art Consortium
You may drop off items to me at my table (Aquarian Bath)
Other vendors at First Friday may also be collecting items
Friday February 5th 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Beach Street Next to McKay's

Keep up to date with drop off locations and information on the Facebook page for this event.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Shipping This Weekend!

The Unique Women in Business Etsy Team is having a FREE SHIPPING event starting today and running through Monday, January 25. Search UWIBTEAMFS on Etsy to find all shops/items participating. I am offering free shipping on perfumes this weekend as a part of the promotion. Have a look at a few of my favorite items from my Unique Women in Business team members.

Be sure to stop by the Unique Women in Business Blog to check out a few of the other highlights as well.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Shampoo Bar Fans.. What do you think?

I ran across an interesting post the other day on Shampoo Bars being good for the environment because they cut down on packaging. But the question the blogger poses is 'but how does your hair look?' If you are a fan of shampoo bars, mine or shampoo bars in general, then why not weigh in on this topic at The Red White and Green, where caring about then environment is patriotic! There are quite a few comments already.

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New Chickens!

After struggling with two Black Star chickens for the last number of months, Moira and I decided we needed to trade them for less adventurous hens. The Black stars, even with their wings clipped managed to jump over our fences and roam. They were consistently laying eggs in the neighbors yard, and last week other neighborhood kids were coming in to our front yard to abuse them. When it was finally time to pack them up to take them to the farm, Moira was very sad to say goodbye to Rose and Helen, but her mood was quite improved when we got to Angels Rest Farm in Ormond beach where she had her chance to choose new birds.

We traded the two laying Black Star hens for four 3-4 month old hens; two for us and two for Moira to sell. Moira choose for herself a Buff Orpington and a Black Australorp. We are hoping to have better luck with these two birds. We already have one Buff Orpington, and she would never dream of hopping a fence. I'm told that Black Australorps are quite gentle as well. The other two that were chosen where a Rhode Island Red and a second Black Australorp. Moira sold those birds yesterday for eight dollars.

If you are looking for chickens or fresh eggs and you live in the Daytona or Ormond Beach area I recommend Angel's Rest Farm. The farm is run by AJ and Peggy who are very nice. Eggs are $2.50 a dozen, and she has many birds to choose from as well as pigs, and goats. You can email them for information at

Thanks to my friend Patsy Shaw for the great pictures and for driving us out there and helping me carry the birds back and forth.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rose Works Jewelry's Treasury Blog: Featuring the Facebook Fans on Etsy!

Rose Works Jewelry's Treasury Blog: Featuring the Facebook Fans on Etsy!

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe

I had gotten out of the habit of making ginger ale until recently. It's so fun and easy though. With the cold weather we've been having, it was a something fun to do to keep myself busy while being shut up in the house trying to keep warm. I'm glad I finally started making it again. The method and recipe that I use is based on David B. Fankhauser's from his website. I've simply modified it so that it is not as sweet as his, plus I have a couple of flavoring variations.

Here is my basic recipe:
4 Tablespoons of Fresh Grated Ginger Root
1.25 cups of sugar
1/2 t yeast
2 Tablespoons of Herbal Vinegar*
1 gallon plastic container

*I like using Lemongrass herbal vinegar, but you can also use another herbal vinegar of your choice or double the amount of fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice or another herbal vinegar of your choice. The last batch of ginger ale that I made included homemade Fire Cider. Just now I put together a batch with red hot pepper vinegar. I'm curious to see how that turns out. Variety is fun!

Add all the ingredients to the plastic container and fill to 1/2 inch from the top with fresh water and cap. The next step is to let is sit at room temperature and wait until the jug starts to bulge out from the carbonation. During the summer when my house is in the 80's this usually takes less than 24 hours. In this cold weather is has been taking more like 48 hours. When it becomes difficult to squeeze a dent in the container, then it is ready. At this point you need to refrigerate it for about 5 hours. Then it is ready to serve after straining out the ginger.
This drink comes out mildly fizzy and is only approximately 0.4% alcohol.

Thanks to my friend Patricia Shaw for taking this great picture from our lunch yesterday.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Waiting for labels

Waiting for labels
Originally uploaded by AquarianBath

I've been keeping myself busy in the cold making things. I've found my brain is not very good at coming up with longer more interesting posts when the temperature drops below 50 F. Lately I've just been hanging out in my office trying to keep warm drinking homemade ginger ale, coffee or chai.

Here are some roll on perfumes that I made today that are waiting for labels. These are lavender with Amyris and Rose geranium with Amyris.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oat Milk Soap Ball with Calendula

Oak Milk Soap Ball with Calendula
Originally uploaded by AquarianBath

Just a new item that I'm listing in my shop. I've had these soap balls stashed away. They are very gentle and nice for winter dry skin. Very rich in excess oil, plus whole milk, and ground oats.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Curious Mess!

This week I am pleased to feature one of my Etsy Twitter and Unique Women in Business teammates, Brooklyn multimedia artist Starla of Be sure to browse her etsy shop where she is offering free shipping through January 15th. After you visit her etsy shop, you might like to hop over to her blog and congratulate her on her pregnancy and check out all her fun twin watch belly photos. Starla and I are both due in mid May. Many thanks to her for promoting Aquarian Bath this month by hosting a soap giveaway on her blog.

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